In one’s lifetime, we have many mentors who come into our lives.  For me, I never want to let these people down and I always want to be doing the best I can.  

During the summer I spent many hours at the library working on different projects. In July, the library was gutted. The carpet was missing, the bookshelves were wrapped and moved, there was a crew installing new lights, there was wet paint on the walls, there were stacks and stacks of projects lining the counters and the student lounge was so full of storage items we couldn’t get anything more in there.

Of course, this was the low point of the library, when I would not want anyone to see what it looked like and who should walk in but a very special mentor to me, Mrs. Bode. I heard her voice and I seriously thought I was going to cry.  

Mrs. Sue Bode spent 13 years in our library, tending to the books and the children. She knows every inch of the space so well and here she was seeing it at its worst. Of course if you know Mrs. Bode, you know that she had nothing but positive to say. She had many wonderful suggestions and said she was anxious to come back and see it when it is complete. 

Mrs. Bode has been patient with me as I have asked her numerous questions over the years and I am so very lucky to have her as my mentor. I am excited and thrilled to share our “new” space with the public when it is complete.  

When school starts back up, we hope that you will stop in and see our library on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. I will have the tea and coffee waiting for you and many wonderful books to choose from.