To the Editor,

Henning HOPE has been a staple charitable organization in Henning for many years. Sadly, Henning HOPE has not been able to find enough new volunteers/officers to continue serving our community. Effective June 22, 2021, the process of dissolving the group was begun.  The process for dissolution is as follows: the funding will stay in the Henning HOPE account for one year.  IF there are no new officers within the one year time period, the remaining funds will be dispersed to other organizations that serve the emotional and physical well-being of the youth in our community.  

Obviously, this was not an easy decision by the current members, but was necessary as membership numbers have declined.  This is our final plea to all of you. If you feel Henning HOPE benefits our community, please contact Jessica Strege at 583-2402 for more information in how to join. In order for HOPE to continue, all officer positions need to be filled before the June 22, 2022 deadline.   

Without officers and volunteers, we will not be able to provide any of the services typical of Henning HOPE, most notably, Stocking Stuffers/Winter Outerwear to our families.  Please contact the United Way if you need assistance with these items.

We know our organization is not alone in decline of membership numbers. If you have the desire to see organizations to continue, please reach out today! 

Thank you for your time, 


Jessica Strege,