Thank you to all the volunteers and attendees of the Lions Pancake Fundraising breakfast held on March 21.2121 at the community center. Attendance was great, and it was fun to see folks after a year of few events.  A special shout out goes Parker’s Prairie Boy Scouts who currently are home to Henning Scouts for all their heavy lifting (literally) duing the meal and afterward. It allowed the rest of us to cook, serve, and fill in as needed. We raised over $2300 for the the Local Food Shelf and Karen Steuve was nice enough to give tours of the Food Shelf for interested people at that time. 

The Lions will be serving at a variety of town events through 2021 as “We Serve” is our motto. Please consider joining our organization if you feel called to be a part of group that contributes on a local, state, national and international level. Our fundraising events are geared toward funding service projects in town as needed, plus college and high school activity scholarships. It’s a great way to get to know people and have some fun. If you merely wish to contribute to those public projects, please consider a donation to the Lions by contacting one of our members. 


Lion Beth Rose

Treasurer/ Henning Lions

To the Editor,

The local church that is involved in giving out food in Henning, not only are they showing compassion but also real management skills. 

A couple of these people could be used on the city council and for sure they should be in charge of the food shelf. How can the use of the food shelf be down in 2020 when there is that much demand for food in the area?

The use of the Perham food shelf was up in 2020, why? Because they have great compassion and great management. Henning could use some of each, and this church has both.

Tommy Stiles,