I would like to thank Greg Karvonen and his staff for caring for my dear husband Jerry. Also thanks to Pastor Wooden from Brainerd for a fine service. Thanks to the VFW for providing a moving and respectful service. Jerry was very devoted to the military. And most of all, thanks to our family—our children in-laws, out-laws, neighbors, especially Steve Eckhoff, Larry Wallevand, Justin Volkmann, Karen Rehm!

Without the help of my children I would have been completely lost. I was a wife with the mindset of a typical 50s wife. I took care of the house. Jerry took care of all the finances and maintenance at the farm. We had a long 55 3/4 years of marriage, 2 years prior of dating, 3 amazing children who have chosen 3 equally amazing mates. We were blessed with 14 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and one more due in January.

Last, but not least, my precious older sister Cheryl. She was been my rock, guide, therapist, confidant, friend and cohort. She is a teacher and though not in very stable health, she offers herself in every way.

Caroline Jorud