Letter to the Editor,

I support this referendum! Many years ago someone cared to build schools, remodel, and rebuild giving us a good education. Now it’s up to us!

We moved to Henning in 1941 when I was enrolled in first grade. Mrs. Neuner was my first teacher, graduating in 1953. The Neuner addition built in 1958 was named in her honor for teaching in Henning many years. After 1958, came more additions-the new (old) gym, the shop, ag and home ec. rooms.

I started working at the school in 1966, working there for 32 years and serving on the school board for a term. In 1993, we passed a 4.7 million dollar referendum of which I was bookkeeper and computer. I wrote all those checks which I was proud to be a part. We kept our school in Henning thanks to committed district of taxpayers and residents.

Here we are so many years later. Yes, all the prices have gone up, safety issues have changed, and rusting nails and crumbling cement. Leaks and major repairs are needed. The wear on the old 1958 addition was already there and showing when we built the new building. It’s time to consider a new referendum to bring up to date the safety issues and repairs that are needed and to bring our building and safety issues and education needs up to code. Your children and grandchildren and my great grandchildren are the greatest gift in life we have. They deserve the best we can give–safety and a good education. Improved education needs a combination of teaching in the right spaces and new technology to grow. I see this in the referendum plan. We need to plan for the future.

Senior citizens, please read this! Yes, taxes go up. They do threaten us when we live on a set income, but the threat of school shootings (threatened everyday in the news) scare me more than raised taxes. I don’t want to stand at someone’s grave because our school was not safe and up to code. We live in a different society than when we were children. It is time to go with the changing times–vote November 8th in person. If you need a ride call someone. If you need an absentee ballot, apply and get one. Yes, I will vote. Yes, my heart is in our school and keeping it updated for our children’s’ future. Think it over and vote ‘yes’ with me!

Rita Ellenson

H545 Alumni/Senior