To the Editor,

An investment in our school is also an investment in our town. 

While direct proceeds of this referendum are going to improve our physical school building, we are thinking about the bigger picture as well.  Of course our school is in great need of the maintenance and improvements to keep our students safe and the building accessible, but without these dollars it’s going to affect more than just our students.

Teachers, administrators, and other school staff have built lives here; dedicated to our kids.  Volunteers and local businesses have donated tons of time and thousands of dollars to support our students, activities, and sports.

Businesses in town benefit from not only the students, but the parents and visitors that come to town.  Restaurants, grocery stores, and fuel stations are just some of the businesses that need support from residents and visitors.  Without a school; they would fade away too. 

Our kids go to Henning, and we will be voting Yes/Yes. We want our youngest to have the same small town care and commitment to his education as our older kids do.  And we want the town to thrive too!  

Nikki and Nick Olson,