Library Happenings

Henning School

“Spring Break” written by Barbara Steiner is our first featured book. This book is an upper grade plus book. It gestures Angie and her best friends planning a perfect spring break.  Poor planning has the  four friends finding out that all the motels are booked at the beach. They are led to the Jamison place where the old owner gives them a steal of a deal for a week. As each of Angie’s friends disappear one by one, Angie learns of the secret that the Jamison place holds.  

“Spring begins in March” is written by Jean Little. This story is about the Copeland family and their youngest child, Meg, who is a rebel. Meg is so different from her whole family, failing school, looking to be held back. Meg is promised a room of her own, finally, only to have it taken away when another person moves in. Meg learns understanding and sympathy along with a bit of realism when she is forced to deal with issues she had no understanding of before.  

Come on up to the Henning Library, we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. following the school calendar.