Library Happenings

Henning School

This week’s featured book is written by Kirk Douglas and is entitled “Climbing the Mountain, My Search for Meaning.”  

The inside jacket covers reads, “With the simple power and astonishing candor that made his 1988 autobiography, the Ragman’s Son, a number one international bestseller, Kirk Douglas now shares his quest for spirituality and Jewish identity-and his heroic fight to overcome crippling injuries and a devastating stroke.  

“On February 13, 1991, at the age of 74, Kirk Doughlas, was in a helicopter crash, in which two people died and he himself sustained severe back injuries with debilitating long-term effects. As he lay in the hospital recovering, haunted by the tragedy, he kept wondering: Why had two younger men, whose lives were in front of them, died while he, who had already lived his life fully, survived? The question drove this son of a Russian-Jewish ragman to a search for his roots and on a long journey of self discovery-a quest not only for the meaning of life and his own relationship with God, but for his own identity as a jew.  

“Through the study of Torah, Kirk Douglas found a new spirituality and purpose to life. His newfound faith deeply enriched his relationship with his own children and taught him-a man who had always been famously demanding and impatient-to listen to others and, above all, to hear his own inner voice. Kirk Douglas not only takes the reader through his own near-death experience but tells the story of his stubborn struggle to make sense of his own life, to come to terms with the reality of death, and to answer the big questions that eventually confront us all:  What is the meaning of life?  Where are we here?  Who is God?”

Come on up to the Henning library and check out a great biography on someone you are interested in knowing more about.  We are open from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons following the school calendar.