Library Happenings
Henning School

The Henning Public School library is fundraising for our “Pages for a Purpose” library upgrade campaign. In October 2022, we began a project to raise $100,000 which will allow us to replace approximately 25 percent of our outdated books. 

Currently, 46 percent of the Henning library resources are non-fiction with an average book publication date of 1990, making the average non-fiction book in the Henning library 33-years-old. We are seeking to update our collection of outdated, worn-out fiction and non-fiction books. Our library is a school and community library. 

Preschool through 12th grade students and the community  are able to utilize the library. Our small school library is the only library available to the majority of our students/community members as the nearest larger library (Alexandria/Fergus Falls) is 45 minutes away. We want our library users to be able to master/enjoy reading to the extent needed to realize their full potential throughout developmental years and beyond. We also want them to know about the wonderful benefits of living in a rural community.

To date, we have raised approximately $48,000 toward this goal in cash and book donation grants. Contributors have been the Ottertail, Henning, and Urbank Lions Clubs, Park Region Telephone, Missouri River Energy, the City of Henning, a Supporting Successful Students grant from MN Department of Education, the DNR, the Browne Foundation of Wadena, KLN of Perham, the Parkers Prairie Sportsmen’s Club, Otter Tail Power, Litin Paper, Jennie-O, Lisa Libraries, the Ottertail Rod and Gun Club, a Minnesota Historical grant, Building a Legacy Foundation, the Pilcrow Foundation, Hilltop Lumber, Simonson Lumber, Ziegler Cat, individuals, and several more organizations. As you can see, we have a ways to go to meet our goal, but every dollar helps us inch closer to our total.  

We are currently focusing on the topics of agriculture, aviation/space, the arts, recreation, science, social sciences, history and geography. Library bound/hardcover books are approximately $20-$25 each, but allow for a stronger, more durable book life. Individuals wishing to donate $400 or more to the book campaign will have their names on book plates that will be in the inside jacket cover of the books, showing the reader that the particular book they are reading was purchased with donations from the individual listed on the book plate. 

We are working with several book companies that will give us 100 free books (valued at $2,000) for every $5,000 we order. We know that every dollar is precious and we want to get the best value for the money.  

Those interested in helping with this campaign can send their contributions to Henning Public School “Pages for a Purpose” campaign; 500 School Avenue; Henning, MN 56551. The “Pages for a Purpose” book campaign is accepting monetary donations of any size and we are very grateful for each dollar. All contributions will  improve our library and turn it into a centerpiece of learning in our school. 

There is a connection between literacy and economic outcomes. Literacy supports the development of today’s learners and citizens as well as tomorrow’s workforce. It is a lasting, lifetime skill. Throughout the campaign, information on its progress can be found in the Citizen’s Advocate newspaper column titled “Library Happenings.”

If you have questions about this, Pam Wiese  (218) 282-6258 or Laura Smith (218) 371-6398 would be happy to help answer any questions.