To the Editor,

I have never opposed any educational bond referendum in the past, but this referendum comes at the wrong time and is too costly. 

When I received the brochure promoting the referendum I was shocked at the potential costs to the taxpayer. I consulted with the school administration and they verified the calculations of the impact on tax payers and their web site calculator is correct. This proposal will increase overall real estate taxes between 30 and 50 percent depending on how much your tax estimated value was changed on your tax valuation form received earlier in the year. Combine this with the current inflation pressures on food, gas, home heating, interest rates, and supply chain issues and tax increases at the city, township and county local families can not afford this right now. 

Home ownership for young families is getting out of the question when adding this additional tax burden. Renters will pay more rent as landlords pass on the tax increase. This referendum impacts all ages in the district, not just seniors as many write about. 

Things need to be done at the school but lets vote this down and ask school officials to come up with a new plan that rethinks their needs that is more affordable to all. Don’t feel guilty about voting no, children will not be physically hurt, life at school will go on until a new affordable solution is presented to taxpayers that we can say yes to.

Dean Greenwaldt,