To the Editor,

We recently had an election with several close political races and two referendums, with record voter turnout. Referendum one was voted down, not by one vote, it was defeated by 26 votes. Referendum two was voted down, not by one vote, it was defeated by 91 votes. If a woman says no once that means NO.

Our school board wants to push a reworded, rearrange referendum past the voters in May. May might be one of the busiest months for the voters in this district. Will there be a record number of voters in May or is there hope we’ll have a low turnout at the polls. Maybe they would prefer mail in ballots? 

NO means NO. I’ve seen some of the designs and a model of this referendum, beautiful addition to the school, if was being built in California not Minnesota. I’ve been in commercial and residential building for 43 years. Do you know that new windows in residential homes like Marvin, Anderson and Thermo Tech only have a Warranty for 10 years on their windows.  

Warranty on commercial windows depends on installers is questionable at best. Yes, we will definitely need a new and larger HVAC system for this glass addition. What is the cost of heating fuels​ right now and where are they heading? Secure and safer, well it is glass. Secure and safer, well it is glass, maybe bullet proof. Maintenance, well this structure does face north with the addition on the back side. When old man winter blows where will all the snow end up? On the new addition maybe? 

Maintenance, safety, HVAC all seem to have become larger issues down the road. My grandfather once said if you put lipstick on a turd, you still have a turd. I’m common-sense builder, I’m not an architect or designer. But hey the three piggies were didn’t one of them build a glass house. NO! NO means No!        


Dan Olson,