National Tell a fairy tale day is Feb. 26 this year.  What a great time to get out the fairy tale books.  These books are located in the Dewey Decimal System folklore and fairy tale books are located in the 398’s.  

Today we feature three books out of this section.  Our first book is “East O’ the Sun and West O’ the Moon by P.J. Lynch.”  

According to the inside book jacket cover, “Once upon a time a great white bear tapped on the window of a poor man’s cottage and offered to make him as rich as he was then poor, if only the man would give him the youngest and most beautiful of his daughters.  So begins one of the most exciting and romantic fairytale adventures of all time-an epic story of rags and riches, hags and heroism, magic and mystery, curses and quests.” The illustrations are sensationally done, this book 

“Stone Soup” as told by Marcia Brown is a much loved book that has been checked out by many students and staff over the years.  This book still has the original card catalog card in it. 

On Dec. 6 of a certain year our very own School Board President Reed Reinbold checked this book out! Mrs. Linda Bjorklund also loved to read this to students. This book is telling the story of three soldiers who marched down a road into a French Village. The residents of the village see them coming and busy themselves hiding the food in all sorts of locations. Soon a battle of wits ensues and the soldiers end up convincing the villagers to partake in their yummy stone soup.  This is cleverly arranged and worth reading.

Our final book is by the amazing children’s author Jan Brett and is called “3 Little Dassies.” This is the story of the three little mice who must venture away from their parents and find their own homes. They must keep safe from the big old Eagle who is hungry. 

Jan Brett tells the tale on the main pages while showing outside details on the sides of the main story- a story within a story you might say. There is much for the eye to see in the illustrations and this is a fabulous book for younger children to have read to them.  

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