To the Editor,

My wife and I volunteer at the thrift store in Henning. I have come to realize how important the store is to those who need to to clear out their household items and extra clothing. Their choices are to have a garage sale, which is a lot of work, or take it to the transfer station where it will to buried. That would be a terrible waste of good useable items. 

I have also come to realize that it is the place to find good clean clothing, items for the home and shop, and good used furniture. Some of these item are new. The store certainly serves to not add to the blight of our environment, and provides many families and students with just what they need.

Through the year of the pandemic it has been able to hold its own and cover its expenses. In comparison, to the thrift store in Fergus Falls, which is struggling with a large debt.  

More volunteers would be deeply appreciated in order to keep the store operating. It servers a valuable purpose in our community and we can serve as helpers to keep it fulfilling its mission.

Darrell Vetter