By now you are aware that I like to see what National Day it is according to NationalDayCalender.Com. January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. 

Darren and I have been owners of several pets over the years as our children were growing up. There were many turtles, several goldfish, three cats and two dogs. Thankfully these were not all at the same time. Actually, to be fair, one of the dogs actually belongs to our son in law and daughter but has stayed at our house for the last 3 1/2 years so we often call her ours.  This wonderful dog named Lady has a life of leisure.  

We keep our shop heated so she will be warm and we have her electric fence collar adjusted just right so she can come in and out of it at her choosing.  Our awesome neighbors love dogs and they come over to play fetch with Lady when she gives them her sad face. 

My father-in-law lives with us and he is the one to make sure Lady is fed and watered, hence why she has on a few too many pounds. On the weekends Lady gets loaded up and taken out to the property where she has the run of the place and no collar that limits her chasing the gophers or rabbits. I don’t know about you and your pets but I can guarantee that there is no way that this loving dog would put up with us dressing her up for one minute, let alone one day. In honor of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, we are featuring two books about pets this week.  

The first book is “Animals in the House, A History of Pets and People” by Sheila Keenan. In this non fiction book you can read of pets that have been at the White House, how pets came to be pets over time, the amount of people to pets ratio in the United States, and a list of proper etiquette regarding your pets. This book is full of graphics and photos of various pets and is a great chance to have open dialog with your loved ones about pets.  

Our Second book is titled “Oh, The Pets You Can Get!” by Tish Rabe with illustrations by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu.  This book is part of the Cat in the Hat Learning Library.  The Cat in the Hat takes you through ownership of a pet and having a heart so big as to love a pet.  You will learn how to feed an animal, when to take them to a veterinarian and the types of home best suited for your specific pet. This is a wonderful rhyming book that is full of great images that are quite colorful.  

Come on up to the Henning Library and help us get you set up with a book about pets or any other topic you may be interested in. We are open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons following the school calendar.