Christmas parade was a welcome addition

To the Editor,

Who thought of having a Christmas Parade? That was a great idea! At least I surely enjoyed it. After the Easter Parade, I was really surprised. I’ve never waved so much in my life. My arm hadn’t worked that much for a long time. Hopefully you’ll do it again next year. Maybe I’ll be around to see another Christmas Parade. Thank you!

During this crazy time in our lives it’s a good thing for neighbors to really be neighbors. It doesn’t have to be expensive or require a great deal of time. 

As Tiny Tim said, “Merry Christmas, everyone—even to Mr. Scrooge.

Vivian Palm,


Christmas parade was a great way to bring in the holidays

To the Editor,

What an awesome and wonderful surprise on Dec. 5 at 5 p.m. Henning’s Christmas parade went by windows at Country View apartment and really lifted my spirit and got me in the holiday mood. The only thing missing was snow. 

I enjoy living in a small town with a big imagination. So much is done with new ideas for each holiday.

All of you have a blessed Merry Christmas. May the new year bring an end to COVID-19 and a better outlook for all.

Bonnie Richter,


Abortion is an evil act, time to stop terminating lives of the 


To the Editor,

Is it acceptable to end the lives of innocent unborn children for any reason?

Terminating the lives of the pre-born is an evil act committed by those with evil intentions—those who believe in their cold hearts that money, material things and convenience are more relevant than a precious child of God.

2021 will bring the 48th year of legalized abortion. It was made legal but nothing whatsoever moral about killing our babies!

Almost 50 years of atrocious abortion. Immoral actions (of any sort) deserve consequences and we are living in those consequences.

God help us get back on a moral course with clear consciences that will get us into God’s Kingdom when it’s our turn to exit this life.

Elaine Byman,