To the Editor,

Seth Meyers (late- night host) believes President Trump should be immediately removed before he fully destroys the U.S.  Seth said “If our government fails to act, they’ll be assenting to the violent destruction of the democracy they claim to care so much about.” 

Seth, democracy went out the window a long time ago—Democrats are destroying the U.S.—not President trump. Who incited, directed and encouraged the BLM protesters? Did the Democrats get excited or hot under the collar about those protesters and what they did?

Democrats don’t know the meaning of democracy. It is a system of government by the whole population. Our Constitution states we have the Right to Life and our pre-born babies are still being slaughtered- killed in a violent way.

Democrats are anti-Catholic. Biden. Pelosi, the Cuomos’ other Catholic politicians- traitors to their own faith. What is up with that?

Pelosi and cohorts are insurrectionists of a sort-snakes in the grass. They gave President Trump four years of grief, did not work with him, tried to get rid of him. The 25th Amendment should be used in Pelosi and her cohorts.

Biden is concerned about the soul of America (he should really be concerned about his soul). He sold America’s soul to the devil a long time ago and he is still in cahoots with particular countries.

If Biden was truly concerned, he’d be pro-life and for morality (both of which Planned Parenthood is against), be for America and Americans and for their freedoms. The 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed!

Was sleepy Joe legitimately elected?

Elaine Byman,