To the Editor,

I do not know much about the specific issues with the Henning Ambulance or the statements that have been made about Director Jane Cook. In reading the article, it seems that complaints were voiced to a council member who then approached Jane in a private meeting. That doesn’t seem to be the correct way of dealing with issues. And it doesn’t seem right to just move on without finding out why things were handled this way. Is this going to be the acceptable pattern for dealing with issues in Henning? I don’t live in the city, but I am affected by being part of the ambulance service area so I do have an interest in that department being the best it can be.

While I don’t know the specific issues, I do know Jane. She is a person who brings integrity to whatever she takes on. I am frankly shocked that there is even a question about her capabilities or motives or whatever else someone thinks needs to be called into question. 

Jane is one of the finest women I have ever had the pleasure to work with in a volunteer capacity. She is a thoughtful, kind, compassionate, and wise woman who I know tries to do her best in each situation. She is well organized and entirely capable of doing the job of director.

I was happy to read the newspaper’s headline that read: “Ambulance members show support for director.” I would be even happier if a headline would read: “Entire community shows support and deep gratitude for director” along with an explanation of how this incident was investigated.  Jane deserves that for the selfless devotion she has offered in her many years of service. 

Dorothy Heschke,


P.S. Kudos to you, Chelsea, on the great job you are doing with training!