Three years ago I  took a road trip across Montana with two very good friends. For a few months before we left, we made an itinerary of what we wanted to do. 

Our first stop was Medora, N.D. We planned to attend the Medora Musical but Mother Nature had her own ideas and immediately after we ate the steak fondue, the lightning and rain started. We decided to shop in the local stores instead and then we played cards and told stories in our hotel room.   We did not let this first day change our idea of fun, instead we chose to be flexible and still have fun. 

We enjoyed a private plane ride over the Mission Mountains, viewing several glaciers and scouting out elk. We also took a hike up into these gorgeous mountains and enjoyed the fresh water coming out of the glaciers. 

Visiting McDonald Lake at the base of the Sheep’s Head Mountain was breathtaking and soaking in Quinn’s Hot Springs pools had our muscle’s relaxing after the mountain hike. We finished up our trip with a special white water float trip down the Flathead River with the Flathead Raft Company.  We were able to view eagles up close and personal and kept our raft upright and all the occupants inside of it.  

Our library is full of books on our United States. For example, we have 10 books about places in Wisconsin, six about places in South Dakota, and four about places in Montana. We have books on every state and are ready to help you find just the state you are looking for.

If you are in need of some uplifting, I suggest you come on up to the Henning Library and check out a book or two about a place you might like to go and see. Get a few friends together and just go do it. 

We are open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. following the school calendar.