Landmark Center

Dan Broten

The Henning Landmark Center will host a Partial Solar Eclipse viewing on April 8 from 12:45-3 p.m., offering instruction for safe viewing and a limited supply of eclipse viewing glasses provided by the Viking Library System. Peak time for partial eclipse viewing will be 2 p.m. Please call the Landmark Center at 548-5760 for additional information.

A schedule of Henning and Landmark Center 2024 events is now available at the Landmark Center. Please stop by to pick up a copy. Among the many scheduled the Landmark Center activities is the CHAT Bike Rodeo on May 7, CLIMB Theater Play on June 26, Historic Henning Walking Tour July 11, Studio Tour July 19-21, Mobile Sign Shop on July 20, Corn and Brat Feed on Aug. 26, Pie and Pumpkin Oktoberfest on Oct. 5, Andria Theater Play “On The Verge” at Trinity on Nov. 6, Wreathmaking Nov. 23, and Santa Day on Dec. 7. 

Arts workshops including glassblowing, oil pastel painting, and pottery if grant funding is approved. The Landmark Center is also seeking participation in a Saturday morning Farmers/Makers Market near the Landmark Station building. We hope to host this event once a month beginning in June. Please let us know if you are interested, or if you have an upcoming event you would like to see listed on our electronic message board. 

The Landmark Center is available for you to use for public or private meetings, receptions, reunions, workshops, and overnight retreats, with bed space for up to 10.

We have free community Wi-Fi, a Smart Room for virtual meetings, a collection of local historic artifacts, and a beautiful outdoor garden & patio area. 

We are open Tuesday and Thursday from 1-4 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., or any time by appointment. Please call 548-5760 for more information or to reserve space for your next events. For more information about the Landmark Center check them out online at