Landmark Center

Dan Broten

As we prepare for another busy year at Landmark, we are taking advantage of a slow month and updating some flooring and wall painting. Thanks to Mark Fiskum and crew for your work on new flooring, and thanks to Alec Larson for your fresh coats of paint.

Please visit the Landmark Center for a 2024 schedule of events as we continue to line up new activities. Some of those activities will include: pottery, textiles, wood carving, glass blowing, oil pastel painting, GAMEDAY activities, Summer reading series, Arts Studio Tour, Corn and Brat Feed, Pie & Pumpkin Oktoberfest, Makers Market saturdays, Wreathmaking, and of course Santa Day. 

Remember the Landmark Center is here for you to use for public or private gatherings, meetings, receptions, reunions, workshops, and overnight retreats. 

Our five bedrooms on second floor have space for up to 10 overnight guests. We offer free community Wi-Fi, a Smart Room for virtual meetings, a collection of local history artifacts, a reference library, meeting space and a beautiful outdoor garden and patio area.

We are open Tuesday and Thursday from 1-4 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and any time by appointment.

Like us on Facebook or visit our website at for additional facility and scheduling information.