5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016

Henning High School senior, Paige Wallevand, daughter of Pete and Beth Wallevand of rural Henning is one of 45 students/athletes from across the state who have been selected as a finalist for the honor of Powerade Athlete of the Year. Wallevand is a two-sport athlete who is active in a number of school activities. 

Voter turnout was high across Otter Tail County and the state of Minnesota on November 8.  In the City of Henning, Jim Hermanson was re-elected as Mayor receiving 315 votes. Hermanson ran unopposed on the ballot and there were 37 write-in votes. Nancy Oseien and Gaylord Anderson were elected to the Henning City Council. In the school board elections Rod Thalmann, Kim Haugen and Reed Reinbold were all re-elected.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 13, 1996

It wasn’t for real, but in another sense it was. It was a simulated rescue situation designed as a drill to test and develop the skills of fire and ambulance departments. The drill plan was that the school was on fire and that a janitor was missing. It eventually brought in more and more scenarios that the departments had to deal with. 

The number of area registrations in the first week of deer season is somewhat down from last year. One of the places reporting, Denny’s Conoco of Henning, reported 418 deer registered as of Tuesday morning.  Last year the first week count was 535, with 459 in 1994, 446 in 1993, 401 in 1992 and 402 in 1991. 

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 18, 1971

In order to reduce the incidents of tooth decay, various effective procedures have been recommended by the dental profession. One of the methods consists of a self- administered brushing of the teeth with a special fluoride paste. This procedure has resulted in a significant reduction of dental cavities in both fluoridated and non-flouridated areas. The brushing is done under supervision on a twice a year basis. A group of dentists in our area recommend that we offer this self- administered prophylaxis by use of a toothbrush in the Henning School starting at grade three. The State Department of Health is recommending that this procedure be made part of school health programs throughout the state. Parents are urged to return the participation slips which have been sent by the student.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 21, 1946

Coach George Sycks has now turned his talents to basketball, reporting that 20 candidates of varsity timber have turned out for practice since the first call issued November 2. Some pretty rangy boys are out for the team, but many of them are pretty inexperienced, with only four lettermen in the group. The first game will be Hewitt here on November 22, while the second game finds Bertha clashing Henning on the local hardwood November 27. The following are the boys out for the squad with a dot denoting the letterman: Robert Kruta, Donald Boline, *Ralph Boline, *Curtis Peterson, *Ernest Salvog, *Allen Waldemar, Victor Thompson, Carleton Nyberg, Lee Amundosn, Laverne Skegstad, Duane Christopherson, Harvey Johnsohn, David Finke, Howard Hanson, Harvey Tollefson, Harlan Syverson, David Holmgren, Duane Johnson, Walter Stueve, David Ferber. Because of the number of basketball players from Vining, who are on the local cage squad, many Henning businessmen have volunteered to drive the Vining boys home from practice. 

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 17, 1921

Landlord Anton Markuson last Thursday morning awoke to find the hotel cigar case and contents missing. The case, which was in the lobby, had been carried away bodily during the night. Being a public place the lobby was kept assessable at all hours of the night. In the case, besides $25 worth of cigars, were about $5 in change. A search for the property resulted in finding the show case, minus the contents, in the swamp near Christ Zemp’s place. The glass in one end of the case was broken when recovered.

As colder weather sets in it is noticeable that petty thievery increases in the community. While attending the lecture at the Baptist church Sunday night Andrew Hanson had his fur robe stolen out of the buggy.

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 19, 1896

The following particulars of a little romance in real life came to our knowledge one day this week; A number of months ago a gentleman living in Dubuque through a mutual friend heard of a young lady who has been living in the family of D.L. Wellman, in this county by the name of Hart. Miss Hart was also made aware of the existence of Mr. Jones through the same medium. This slight knowledge of one another aided and encouraged by the friend alluded to grow first into an exchange of messages, and then finally into a correspondence; then the correspondence terminated, as such things frequently do, when carried on between young ladies and gentlemen, in the telling of the old, yet ever new story and engagement of marriage. The engagement was entered into without the parties having ever seen one another at all; and on Wednesday last Mr. Jones arrived here from Dubuque for the purpose of making Miss Hart his bride.

The benevolent institutions of the Baptist Church during the past year averaged 36 cents per communicant the Methodist, 24 cents, the Episcopalians, one dollar and 37 cents; the Presbyterians three dollars and 17 cents.