With the last week of February here, we are featuring books about weather.  Recently the third graders studied weather and took down 50 of our weather books to their classrooms so that the students could have them on a continual basis.  

Our first featured book is “Rain and Hail” written by Franklyn M. Branley, illustrated by Harriett Barton.  This is written in an easy to read format with wonderful illustrations.  There are explanations for the different clouds such as Cumulus, Cumulonimbus, cirrus, and Stratus.  We learn the size of water, whether it be a drop or a droplet, we learn of evaporation and condensation, and how hail is formed.  

In our second book we learn about storm chasers. “Extreme Adventure Storm Chasing” by S.L. Hamilton gives us a run down of the different tools and equipment that storm chasers use, the danger of chasing tornadoes, waterspouts, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.  It also gives a great glossary of the words meanings for simple understanding.

“I Can Be A Weather Forecaster” by Clair Martin is our final featured book.  We learn what this job is, how reporting is done, the equipment used to make the report as well as the importance of knowing what the weather will be.  The graphics in this book are terrific for children.

Have a great week and we hope you are watching our weather as we wait patiently for Spring to arrive.  Henning Public LIbrary is open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. following the school calendar.