To the Editor,

“Why would someone who I thought was supposed to be for our community and represent it want to cast a shadow over the town, the city employees and emergency departments?”

That was one of the questions that Chelsea Cordes-Waskosky asked the city council at our regular council meeting August 1 as she handed out copies of the Fergus Falls Daily Journal newspaper article, which referred to a council person of Henning who had contacted the Daily Journal. Chelsea stated that in the ambulance survey, 11 of the 14 crew members had a positive view of where we are heading. This survey was taken in the winter and after the survey came back, the city council voted this issue was done and they were moving forward. Chelsea also stated, “We need our community to have trust and to have faith in our law enforcement and ambulance service.”

Now I ask, “Why would anyone go to the Fergus Falls paper to stir up innuendos about an investigation into the ambulance from a year ago? Isn’t it enough that a couple of council people cost the city about twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) last year for the ambulance investigation and attorney fees, but now on top of that when this council person reached out to the Fergus Falls Daily Journal, the Daily Journal wanted information that forced us to use our attorneys due to the “Freedom of Information Act.” Hence costing the taxpayers even more money. I do not appreciate a council member representing my views. I do not believe the City of Henning is falling part, quite the contrary, our  employees are doing a great job. I do believe the Fergus Falls Daily Journal should have identified the council person who contacted them. Of the five council members, I do know that it was not Wes Johnson, Scott Hart or Mayor Darren Wiese. 

As the article in the Daily Journal was titled “What is Happening in Henning?” Well, Henning to me is a wonderful, quiet, small town with friendly people. There are all kinds of fun events like the Henning Festival, the royal crowning, car shows, baseball and softball games, the new Rock N Roll Stroll car show on Main Street, the annual fly-in breakfast, the Landmark Center’s continual events from glass blowing, pottery classes, summer reading night and so much more. Our city parks are spacious and welcoming for tourists who are stopping in our town.

I have served in the military, I’ve worked for Lund company for almost 30 years and owned my own business for 19 years. I am currently a council person. I think it is time the vindictiveness stops and we start acting like adults as we move on for the better of Henning.

Wes Johnson, 

Henning City Councilman