To the Editor,

He created man in his own image, with free will.

Man was perfect, until he disobeyed. When he sinned, he lost the dominion God had given him over the earth, but, more important, he lost his relationship with God. Satan, who tempted Eve, became the God of his world.

God wanted to regain his relationship with man and the dominion he had given him. In order to do that a price had to be paid for justice to be satisfied.

God knew that man would fall, so he made a plan, even before he created the world…He…Himself…would pay the price to restore man to his position of relationship and authority.

“It was God, in Christ Jesus, redeeming the world to Himself.” Such a terrible price!…Such an AWESOME LOVE!!

Who could refuse such a gift? What if a very wealthy person said, “I would like to give you $1,000,000,000 if you will accept it. What if you said, “No thanks, I want to do it my way.” Then later you became angry at the benefactor because you were poor, your way didn’t work. What kept you from enjoying the wealth that was offered to you? Was it pride? Was it rebellion? Did you believe a lie about the benefactor?

The person who invents a game is one who writes the rules. It is amazing to me that many people believe they can write their own rules. Do they really believe that the God of the universe says; “I just love you; can I come in? I will take all of your lack and give you of my abundance.”

Accepting God’s offer means that you want Him to be the Lord of your life and are willing to obey the dictates of LOVE.

God is Love,

Love is what everyone is looking for.

Who could refuse an offer like that?

Mirradel Cordes