This week’s featured books are all about harvesting.  Our first book “Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden,” written by Gilbert Livingstone Wilson, is a book about the yearly process of gardening, from preparing, planting, gathering the harvest, using the vegetables, and storing the vegetables.  

Bird Woman also provides outstanding recipes for making traditional Hidatsa meals and tells of the songs and many ceremonies that were celebrated during the harvest times.

Our second book is “We Celebrate the Harvest” by Bobbie Kalman and Susan Hughes.  This book explores the reasons behind why people celebrate harvest time, the world wide traditions of people, as well as delicious recipes you may wish to try.  Included in this book are craft ideas, poems, and stories.

Our final book featured this week is “Harvest Time” by Jennifer Waters and Joan Stewart. Crops, including cranberries, potatoes, corn, and pumpkins are picked by humans and machines. There is wonderful text and many colorful photographs included.

Harvest time is one of my favorite times of the year. I hope you all are preparing for this magnificent time. If you would like to have a great book to read whether it is about gardening or not, come on up to the Henning Public School Library and see what we have to offer.