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Henning School

August 31 is national Eat Outside day. In honor of that we are featuring the book “How Do Ants Know When You’re Having a Picnic?” written by Joanne Settee and Nancy Baggett.  

The jacket cover of this book reads, “An ant that is out scouting for food happens to run across your picnic.  Hurriedly, it picks up a tasty morsel and heads back to the nest. On the way, it marks its path by laying a special invisible ‘smell’ trail.  It does this by frequently pressing the back end of it’s body to the ground and releasing a scented chenical called pheromone. Once back home, the ant scurries about, tapping nest mates on the body or striking them with its antennae, front legs, or head. This makes the other ants excited and some of them run out of the nest. A number of them discover the scent trail and folllow it right to your picnic. They collect morsels of food and head back home, leaving scent trails of their own.  

“Would you also like to know how flies walk on walls, why fireflies flicker, and even information about those favorites-cockroaches, lice, bed bugs, fleas, and tapeworms? The authors tell many fascinating facts about insects and their friends in a way that wasy to understand and scientificallly correct.”

Get on outside everyone and enjoy these last summer days.  Gather a picnic or better yet, call B&D’s grocery, Big Foot, the Woodshed, or a host of other yummy spots and have them put a picnic together for you and you just stop and pick it up on your way to a special outside spot.