Library Happenings

Henning School

If I could travel anywhere in the United States today, it would be to Alaska. But if I could go anywhere outside of the United States, it would be Ireland.  I have read many books about Ireland, of its beauty, and its people. I love the way Irish people speak and of course I am partial to red hair, which is a huge Irish trait!  

This week to honor St. Patrick’s Day, we will feature two books.  

“Jeremy Bean’s St. Patrick’s Day” written by Alice Schertle and illustrated by Linda Shute is the first book that we are featuring.  Jeremy Bean is helping his class to plan a big St. Patrick’s Day party. They are conjuring up  all kinds of green refreshments and deciding what outfits they will wear that will be green. Mr. Dudley the principal is an intimidating man to someone so young as Jeremy Bean.  

The principal is tall and has a deep voice and is bald with a wide black mustache. When Jeremy gets home from school he is so excited to find his green sweater to wear the next day. But the sweater is lost and Jeremy is being teased by his friends about not having any green on. Surprisingly, Jeremy finds a new friend in the school who helps him out and saves St. Patrick’s Day!

“The Luck of the Irish” is written by Brendan Patrick Paulsen and illustrated by Gwen Connelly. The author was in sixth grade when he wrote this story and it won an honorable mention in the Raintree Publish-a book contest. This story takes place in Ireland where Leprechauns are about to lose their forest home. 

A young Irish lad is the man of the family when his father leaves for America to find work. The boy finds a leprechaun and has to choose between helping himself get to his father in America or helping the Leprechauns save their home.  

Henning Library is open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. following the school calendar.  Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day everyone.