By John Peeters

Special to the Advocate

This of course is only my observation.

It’s been happening ever since, well, creation.

Or at least close to the beginning of civilization.

From the results of many trials and tribulations.

That were passed on from generation to generation.

Catching fish is pretty  important in this nation.

If you could catch fish, you were an inspiration.

And that explained the growth in population.

If not, you had to come up with an explanation.

As to why your clan was suffering from starvation.

So we learned to catch fish through education.

To survive we learned to share information.                                                        

Success came with a lot of determination.

Failure would result in, I’m sure, aggravation.

We created arrows, nets and spear variations.                 

We could harvest lots of fish with a little cooperation.

 Eventually, big ships and nets of some signification.

Fish were caught, small and large with no limitations.

With results close to species exterminations.

Then we had to rethink our expectations.

This all lead to a lot of new legislation.

Protecting our natural resources became our obligation.

Today it has become quite a different operation.

The boat or fish house were nice innovations.

It gave the sportsman a respectable reputation.

We make artificial lures which takes imagination.

Made of every size, shape, color and specification.   

Hooks that don’t get snagged in the vegetation.

Decoys made with every conceivable coloration.

The fish would bite without hesitation.

Rod and reel choices beyond calculation.

Equipment improved with numerous modifications.

Electric trolling motors with no noise or vibrations.

GPS systems with secret hot spot notations.

Fish books in color to aid in identification.

With all this it’s a whole different situation.

Now fishing is thought more of as a recreation.

So when we go we call it a vacation.

We travel around to any lake destination.

To some guys it’s like their………occupation.

And over doing it can lead to spousal separation.

(Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.)                          

 Planning a trip still takes a lot of preparation.                   

You can get cold, hot or wet from precipitation.          

Mosquitoes and bugs, talk about botheration.                  

There’s wind and waves causing….inflammation.

And this all comes with even more frustration.

You see, there is yet one more small stipulation.

You need a license and a book with regulations.

Buy one with your wife, it’s called a combination.

There is a lot of stuff in this publication. 

There are charts, graphs and illustrations.

 So many rules, it takes a while for acclimation. 

All this stuff you need to know by memorization.

If the warden asks, you’ll need the documentation.

Breaking a law could mean fines or probation.

And there is also a harvest limitation.

Know what that number is or you’ll get a citation.

Catching too many is considered a violation.

You don’t want to deal with incarceration.

And with that comes all that litigation.

 Now grab the tackle box and lure accumulation.

And don’t forget your personal floatation.

Head out to that favorite hot spot location.

Nothing like nice weather and great conversation.

Then there’s the fish stories, told with exaggeration.

Ahhh….now this is what I call relaxation.

Oh, what a sensation. 

That was my observation through a silly narration.

I’m not sure it will meet your expectation.                       

You’ll have to be OK with that on this……..OK-tion.