To the Editor,

I read the article in the Citizen’s Advocate two weeks ago, regarding the Henning City Council and needing a person to come from the League of Minnesota Cities, and needing to work with them regarding problems. 

We had an election elected mayor and two new council members. What is the problem? 

The mayor is in charge and the council votes for, or against him, at a council meeting. Each has their duties. 

As a former councilman and mayor, this is a disgrace. You were elected by the people of Henning, work for them. You can’t keep raising rates to pay for your mistakes past and future. 

Here it is March and you haven’t passed a budget, which is usually done in December. Who really is running the city? 

It’s time to cut at least $150,000 from your budget. To hire a financial planner for $5,000. Why? 

I urge the people of Henning to attend Council meetings.

Richard O. Johnson,