Library Happenings

Henning School

We are featuring two books this week at the Henning Public School library.  

The first book is by Gery Greer and Bob Ruddick called “This Island Is’t Big Enough for the Four of Us!”

The back jacket cover reads: Pete and Scott are horrified when they find Sunny and Jill camping with Jilll’s aunt on Turutle Island, the same deserted wilderness where Pete and Scott planned to have a few death defying adventures.  Alone.  Every time the boys mess up, Sunny and Jill are there, taking their picture.  This is war, boys against girls. With the help of an eccentric recluse who lives on the island, the boys plan one firtal battle- a wacky contest of wit, skill, and revenge, to determine the champions of Turtle Island!

The second book is “River Thunder” by Will Hobb.  

This book jacket reads: Jessie and her companions have returned to the Grand Canyon, brimming with anticipation about running the big rapids. For Jessie it’s a dream come true; for Troy, this trip is his chance to convince the others he’s changed. Jessie wants to believe his true motives. In the end, the river itself will be the ultimate test. With the water at record levels, all of them-Jessie, Troy, Adam, Star, Rita, and Pug must pull together if they’re to survive the thundering rapids and the powerful emotions the river unleashes.

Have a great first week of August Otter Tail County, get out and enjoy your own river ride!