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With spring comes the calving season for many farms and ranches.  Growing up we always had near 100 cow/calf pairs on our various farms.  

Right after my graduation, one of my brothers and I lived on one of the farms that had a beautiful creek running through it.  It had a nice long lane that had rolling hills, on one side was a hayfield and the other side was a creek surrounded by evergreens.  

After working in town all day, I’d turn on my music real loud, roll down my window and drive the five miles of gravel to the entrance to the lane of that farm. Once there, after opening the big green entrance gate, I’d shut off the music and listen for the cows as I drove the lane. I couldn’t wait to get to the end of that mile long lane to turn the corner and drop down into the creek bottom where the house was located.  

As soon as I turned that corner I could look out across the creek and see the cattle with their babies and hear the glorious sounds they made. I never had the job of getting up at night to check the cows that were ready to calf. That was my brother’s responsibility, him and his dog Duke.  Duke’s job was to keep the coyotes that lived along the creek bottom away from the new calves.  

As you drive the country roads here in Otter Tail County and you see the many cows and calves scattered in the fields, I hope you will enjoy the beauty that nature surrounds us with.  

This week’s featured book is Field Guide to Cows, How to Identify and Appreciate America’s 52 breeds by John Pukite.  

According to Mr. Pukite’s author bio, he “was born and raised in Minnesota, and received a bachelor of science from the University of Minnesota.”  

This book  covers many aspects of the cow, from why you should watch cows, how to identify cows, the equipment and clothing needed to be involved with cattle, cow etiquette, breed descriptions, the ranking of beef states, dairy states, and it has some great humor throughout it as well.

At the time this book was published, Minnesota ranks 15th in beef states and fifth in dairy states.  Enjoy spring in Otter Tail County and get out and view some cattle with their new calves.  

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