Library Happenings

Henning School

This week we are featuring books from the “Black Lagoon” series. These books are second and third grade reading level books.  

They are full of funny illustrations and great humor and written by Mike Thaler and illustrated by Jared Lee.  

Our first book is “Back To School Fright” from the Black Lagoon. In this book, summer vacation is over and school is back in session. For Hubie, the main character, having to prepare to go back is painful.  all the wrong clothes are chosen by his mom, his doctor has to update his immunizations, and worse news of all is a new teacher.  

“Class Election” from the Black Lagoon is featured book two.  Each student is encouraged to run for something and Hubie is asked to run for Class President against Doris, who is the class bully.  This book is full of jokes and laughter!

Featured book three of the Black Lagoon series is “The Book Report” from the Black Lagoon. In this book, Hubie is not happy with his assignment. He has to complete a full book report on a book, not a comic book. A book full of chapters! Turns out Hubie finds out that “every book is a time machine, a flying carpet, a passport to the most powerful nation in the world…your imagination!”  

Come on up to the Henning Public Library between 3:30-5:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons following the school calendar.  We would love to see you and help you find just the right book to read.