Library Happenings

Henning School

Growing up with three brothers, I spent a lot of time in the grandstands eating sunflower seeds, telling my brothers how to pitch the baseball. I learned how to keep the scorebook at a very young age and of course worked many concession stands at tournaments. 

Baseball is my favorite sport. We traveled to many towns in Canada to play baseball. Our team would stay at host houses. The players would take special items up from the United States (Montana in particular) to leave with the host families as a thank you for allowing them to stay and for the generous hospitality. We drove a huge Chrysler car that went down the road like it was a boat, so smooth and fast. We would pack in my three brothers, myself, my mom, and at least two more players, of course this was before the seat belt law. It was so fun to go to Canada and listen to the accents of the players.  

Even in Canada I was still able to tell my brothers how to be a better pitcher, a quicker runner, or when to steal for home. Sometimes they were pretty good at listening! Keeping the scorebook was the best way to keep me in my seat and make me concentrate. I loved to be able to rattle off the stats to everyone in the car on the way home. 

One year my brother closest to me in age slid into third base too hard and broke his collarbone. My oldest brother was great at center outfield. He would sneak in when the runner on second wasn’t watching and be able to get the player out, he pulled this many times in his baseball career. 

My middle brother played shortstop and pitcher, oftentimes  line drives were headed straight for him. He was very quick and agile. I hope you’ll be able to get out this summer and catch some baseball with your family.

Our featured book of the week is Baseball in Minnesota, the “Definitive History” by Stew Thornley.  

Minnesota has a rich history of baseball. Inside this book is a remarkable history of the sport. It talks of town ball, the Gophers, the Millers, The Twins, with the story being told in both words and photos. If you are looking for a passionate, knowledgeable history of Minnesota baseball then you will want to read this book.  

Stew Thornley writes so well and if you do not tear up at his words for the Twins’ 1991 World Series win I would be surprised. We hope you will stop on up to the Henning Public School Library and visit us to see all the wonderful books we have to offer. We will return to normal library hours in the fall.

The State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society has awarded the Henning Public School Library a grant in the amount of $9,325. This grant will provide over 449 books to the Henning Public School Library.

This  grant helps provide a quality learning experience for our local Minnesotans by providing exemplary library bound (as much as possible) books that feature depictions of various aspects of the State of Minnesota. Students will develop knowledge, skills, and understanding about many areas of Minnesota by reading about Minnesota, its geography, heritage, culture, people, landforms, arts, sports, and more. Books will be purchased for all ages of people who frequent the library. 

This grant will help represent diverse ethnicities and people as we are purchasing books that feature a wide variety of people who have contributed to Minnesota. In addition, because Minnesota history is a vital component of our middle school curriculum, we want a strong selection of books that depict Minnesota history, industries, contemporary Minnesotans, immigration, the contributions of indigenous people, Minnesota authors/illustrators, and state bird/fish/foods, etc.