Our book this week is “One of the Third Grade Thonkers” written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor and illustrated by Walter Gaffney-Kessell.  

The book jacket reads, “Jimmy Novak, whose dad is a towboat worker, is really looking forward to spring vacation.  Jimmy and his club, the      ‘Rough, Tough, and Terrible’ Thonkers, are going to convert the Novaks’ garage into a clubhouse for an entire week.  

“When Mrs. Novak tells Jimmy that his cousin David is going to be staying with them while his mother recovers from heart surgery, Jimmy sees his fun-filled vacation going down the drain. Unlike the Thonkers, who are known for their bravery, David is scared of practically everything, is fussy about what he eats, and wears cute, perfectly matched clothes.  Jimmy wants to have nothing to do with David, especially since the Thonkers are secretly planning a feat of daring that is sure  to turn every boy in the third grade green with envy. Then something happens-something on the river-and Jimmy begins to realize that courage takes many forms: even someone like David can be brave.”  

If you have read  any of Phyllis Reynolds books in the Shiloh series then you are sure to enjoy her way of writing in this book as well.  

Have a great week and enjoy the sun.