The following individuals appeared in county court, Fergus Falls, in relation to felony cases. Courtrooms are located at the Otter Tail County Courthouse just south of downtown Fergus Falls.

• Gina Luree Boutain, 53, of rural Underwood, received a stay of imposition on Oct. 23, 2023, related to a felony conviction of aiding an offender to avoid arrest. She will have her felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor if she stays law abiding during a three-year probationary period. Boutain was ordered by the judge to cooperate with her probation officer regarding random searches of her residence, vehicle, workplace and property.

• Kari Marie Johnson, 40, of Perham, received a stay of adjudication Oct. 13, 2023, related to a felony charge of fifth-degree controlled substance possession. While the probation is going on, this is a pending case, the same as being charged and awaiting trial. Once probation is over, and after staying law abiding, the case will be dismissed. Probation is for five years. The court order for Johnson states no alcohol or controlled substance use, with the exception of medications.

• Darcey Marie Schwartz, 54, of Underwood, convicted of fifth degree drug possession, can avoid one year of jail time at the correctional facility in Shakopee, Minn., if she remains law abiding during a five-year probationary period. She was ordered to complete a comprehensive assessment and follow recommendations of evaluation. Schwartz also agreed to random drug testing and to cooperate with her probation officer.