Community event will be a time for remembrance

Nidaros Lutheran Church will offer a community All Saints Sunday service on Sunday, Nov. 5.  At 5 p.m. individuals and families will arrive for a time of remembrance and fellowship. Grave lanterns will be placed as remembrances of those who have passed to their heavenly home.  

A service of remembrance with readings, hymns and candles will include congregational participation,  and a homily by the Rev Ryan Stout, pastor.

Nidaros Lutheran Church was founded by Scandinavians, the grave-lanterns are a tradition in the Nordic countries. It became the Nidaros tradition following family experiences while visiting in Sweden. In the cool beginning of winter there, families place 24-hour burning candle lanterns on each grave. When evening darkness falls, it is an unforgettable and moving experience to see an entire cemetery with twinkling lights—even on some graves that have been in the cemetery since the 1600s.

Nidaros Lutheran Church will have remembrances during the 11 a.m. morning worship service, in particular for 2022-23, deaths. The service at dusk will offer all who attend some quiet time at a space or gravesite(s). A time for quiet fellowship is provided with others in the church entryway.  Hot drinks and refreshments will be served  to warm the usual cold of the November night.

When leaving the service and quietly walking into the cool darkness of the night, the view of the twinkling candles around Nidaros Cemetery is also a breath-taking moment of remembrance(s). The service is a time for quiet contemplation, hymn singing and words of care and a message of hope.

Nidaros Lutheran is located at 18844 Nidaros Church Drive  which is located between Clitherall and Vining, turning south off of Highway 210.  

For more information call Pastor Ryan Stout at (218) 640-5586.  Chairpersons for the event are Barbara Boock and Barbara Olson (218) 282-0332, both of Vining.