5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018

Henning School could soon have a modified daycare program to allow children the opportunity, to participate in the district’s after school program. During its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, the district discussed an October 3 meeting between board members, elementary staff and daycare providers in the community. The meeting was meant as a way to open communication with daycare providers in the area as the school district explores the possibility of opening a daycare in the future. 

The Henning Haunted House opened on Friday night with a total of 168 people going through the old community center/city hall building. There were another 135 people who went through the haunted house on Saturday. The haunted house will continue this weekend in Henning and open at 7  p.m. on Friday and Saturday night. 

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Oct. 28, 1998

Many area farmers are finishing up on their field work these days, as Mother Nature goes about the business of placing plenty of rain back into the ground. Soon enough, the calendar would suggest, the moisture being rained over the fields will be coming down in the form of snow and ice. The ceaseless plight of the plow is evident as progress is making preparing a seedbed on the Brad and Cindy Linder farm, just outside Henning, over for a long winter’s nap.

It’s an experience going to the courthouse in Fergus Falls these days. The entrance is now the door leading to the sheriff and police department. The main floor is a maze of plywood and plastic sheeting and the only employees on tat floor are crews working on the courthouse remodeling project. Offices located on the main floor have moved.

The Red Cross bloodmobile visit to Henning on Monday yielded a total of 74 units of donated blood. That’s four units above the goal, local blood drive chair Kathy Cloeter reported.

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Oct. 25, 1973

Turkey Casserole

Break two eggs and beat

add 1 cup milk

2 cups chopped turkey

2 slices of bread torn

1/4 green pepper chopped

1 stalk celery chopped

some grated onion

1 teas. Salt

pour in to pan cook 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

A dime goes a long way these days. You can carry one for weeks before you find something it will buy.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Oct. 25, 1948

Another grocery store is starting up in Henning next week with Ed Salmon, former clerk at the Super Value, opening for business in the C. H. Markuson building on 2nd Street. Carpenters are busy at present putting in shelving and other fixtures. Mr. Salmon and family have been residents of Henning for over a year.

What might have been a serious fire broke out in the grove of trees surrounding the Lawrence Helander home. Although the blaze in progress for some time the Hollanders failed to notice the fire until about 3:45. The leaves and grass in the grove were burned and a woodpile and some posts caught fire near the Helander’s gasoline or fuel supply.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Oct. 25, 1923

It appears that Valentine Herman of Holdingford, who build the first electric light plant in Henning, has got himself in trouble down in Stearns County with federal prohibition agents, when the New Munich brewery was raided and closed. It is reported that Herman was one of several who entered the sealed brewery and tried to carry away the cases of 5 percent beer in trucks. Mr. Herman is a leading and well-to-do citizen and is the present county commissioner rom his district of Stearns County. One prohibition agent was all but killed in the fracas that followed.

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Oct. 27, 1898

The Rio de Janeiro weighed anchor at Manila Sept. 22 with 147 sick and wounded soldiers. She sailed to Hong Kong where she remained two days coaling. She then steamed down the inland passage of the Japan sea, passing the great Japanese forts, touching for two days at Nagasaki leaving there Oct. 2 fro San Fransico, passing through the Golden Gate Saturday morning at 4:00. She dropped anchor off Angel island at 4:30 where she was immediately boarded by federal and state quarantine officers and after inspection, the soldiers were taken on tugs to the division hospital at the Presidio. The 16 Minnesota boys were landed in good condition and spirits. All hand join in praising the management of the ship during the voyage. There were eight deaths on board during the trip, none of them from Minnesota. Five were buried at sea and three were brought here. There was also one suicide by jumping overboard. All San Francisco is praising the manner in which Minnesota is caring for returning the sick and wounded heroes, she being the only state having representatives on the ground to meet the floating hospital from Manila.

The jury found all the of Bear Island Indian prisoners guilty of the charge of having resisted the officers and of affecting the rescue of old man Bug and his companion. The trial was witnessed by a great crowd of spectators and was concluded late Saturday afternoon. The jury was out but a few moments to arrive at a verdict. Judge Lichen sentenced the Indians at once. They drew sentences as follows: Oge-mah-we-go-bow and Wah-be-shay-sheence eight months and $100 fine; May-dway-we-nind and Mah-gnom 10 months imprisonment and a fine of $100 each, and Pee-nay-see-ets, 10 months and $100 fine imprisonment at Fergus Falls jail. The two Indians boys were let off light, with the understanding that they led into the mischief. Bah-dway-we-dung-goish and May-maush-kow-ash both get 60 days and $25 each. Both of these Indians pleaded to be let go because their families would starve and die while they were away, but the Judge did not heed it.

Gen. Merritt and Miss Williams were married in the bride’s apartments at the Savoy hotel. It had been planned to have the ceremony take pace in St. Andrew’s church, but an illness which Miss Williams contracted during the voyage necessitated the simplest possible ceremony and the avoidance of exertion and excitement. Consequently only a few most intimate friends were present.