Flower baskets start to show up throughout town

By Chad Koenen


Darrel Biksen has made it his mission to bring a little extra color and cheer to the greater Henning area this summer. Biksen, who works at Goeden’s Greenhouse in Henning, has spent just about every day this summer watering and maintaining flowers across the region. 

Recently, Biksen moved several flower pots to the downtown Henning area as a way to try and bring some extra color to the area in advance of several fall community events in town. 

Photo by Chad Koenen
Several flower pots have been placed throughout the downtown Henning area as a way to spruce up the downtown area. The flower pots are from Goeden’s Greenhouse and bring maintained by Darrel Biksen.

The flower pots were stationed near Goeden’s house in Henning, as well as various other locations throughout town. The goal was not only to spruce up the downtown area as the fall colors begin to set in, but also show area residents that the same flowers they purchase in the spring from a greenhouse can remain colorful and full throughout the summer and fall with a little bit of TLC.

“We did it to show people that you can keep your flowers looking just as nice with watering and fertilizer as they are when they come out of the greenhouse,” he said.

In addition to the flower pots in town, Biksen has been maintaining several flower beds throughout the community this summer. All-told, he said he spends about five hours a day just watering flowers throughout the area. Among his projects are the community garden near the Henning United Methodist Church. 

He even took time to water a few flowers along his route that looked like they needed some extra care to simply help out a business or resident who maybe didn’t have time to dash their flowers with some extra water during the dry summer months. 

While this was the first summer Biksen has been in Henning, he has been a longtime friend of Matt Goeden. In fact, Biksen said Goeden has been asking him to move to Henning for a number of years to help out at Goeden’s Greenhouse in Henning. 

“He had been wanting me to come up and grow his flowers for 6-7 years,” said Biksen. 

After years of thinking about the offer, Biksen made the move to Henning earlier this year and has since found a niche in creating colorful flowers in the greenhouse.

This year Goeden’s Greenhouse added a second greenhouse and will once again look to expand even more next year when the Highway 108 project rolls through town. That road project will feature a number of beautification projects and opportunities to spruce up the greater Henning area.