Photo by Chad Koenen
Work on School Ave. and Inman St. continues in Henning. The hope is that a layer of bituminous will be laid on the road within the next few weeks.

By Chad Koenen


After a summer of utility work and road construction, several projects will likely be wrapping up in the next few weeks in Henning. 

Henning Utilities Supervisor Ted Strand said residents should notice a big change in the next two weeks as construction companies could begin laying bituminous on the alley and roads by the school, as well as Inman St. Strand said the construction companies will start laying bituminous near the school first, before turning their attention to Inman St. The hope was to begin those projects within the next two weeks.

One potential hang up was that as of Friday afternoon, the railroad company has yet to grant approval for the City of Henning to bore under the railroad tracks to complete the utility part of the Inman St. project. Once that approval is granted the utility work could take just a day or two. 

Construction work on the main lift station near the end of 2nd. St. will likely continue for some time yet after the road projects wrap up for the fall.