5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Sept.18, 2018

Adam Lange was crowned as king and Ashley Ladwig as queen at the Henning School homecoming coronation on Monday afternoon. Lange is the son of Doug and Kris Lange of rural Deer Creek and Ladwig is the daughter of Tom and Stephanie Ladwig of Vining. The 2018 Henning Homecoming Royal Court includes: Crown Bearers Jacobi Saari and Alex Castro, Katelyn Zillmer (junior attendant), Grace Weller, Madisyn Johnson, Ashley Ladwig, Adam Lange, Max Naddy, Caden Johnson and Matt Hendricks (junior attendant).

Henning School continues to be one of the top schools in the region for reading, according to the standardized MCA III tests. The tests are given to students statewide, who do not opt out of the tests, as a way to measure school proficiency. As a district, Henning School was the top school in reading when compared to all of the Otter Tail County and Freshwater School Districts. The district was also the top school in the subject of math when compared to all of the Freshwater School Districts and the 10th grade class received the top scores in both reading and science when compared to all of the Otter Tail County and Freshwater School Districts.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Sept. 16, 1998

Work began Monday this week on the site of what will be a 60×80’ gas and grocery store on the east end of Vining. Site preparation is being done by Ottertail Aggregate and the foundation is to be built by Wagner Concrete of Clitherall. With resources pooled from a dozen local investors, Vining Developers, Inc. is now in business and well on its way to building the new 60×80’ combination gas station, coffee shop and grocery store, located at the intersection of Highway 210 and County Road 40, on the east end of Vining.

Otter Tail Central Bulldogs came home Friday night with a 42-24 win over the Menahga Braves. It could have been worse, though, as the Braves threw in the towel with more than five minutes left to play. Number 32, Micah Tysver made 17 carries and logged a whopping 248 yards.

On a 2-2 split vote, the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners Tuesday failed to approve a tax abatement request that might have cleared the way for construction of the $6 million Pier Lodge resort hotel near Ottertail. According to County Board Secretary Kathy Dumholdt, the Board was asked to make graduated abatement of the Lodge’s share of county property taxes over the next three years, as outlined in a policy approved by the board earlier this month.

Enrollment at Henning Public School was tallied at 422 students when doors opened for the 1998-99 school year on Wednesday, September 2. Principal Clay Houselog said the anticipated turnout for all students in grades kindergarten through 12 was between 430 to 435. This year’s enrollment is ‘not too far below what we were expecting,” he reported.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Sept. 16, 1948

Double funeral services will be held at St. Paul’s Lutheran for two Henning cousins, Pvt. Ervin Eckhoff, son of Mr. And Mrs. William Eckhoff, and Pfc. Edwin Steve, son of Mr. And Mrs. Dick Stueve. Because the boys were cousins and belonged to the same church and were returning to the state from overseas about the same time it was decided by their parents to have a double funeral. Both boys were killed in action overseas, Ervin making the supreme sacrifice in France, and Edwin in another theater of war, on Leyte island in the Pacific.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Sept. 20, 1923

Licensed to Marry—Earnest Read of Vine and Mable Landmark of Nidaros. Bennie Olson of Deer Creek and Hazel Ferweda of Inman. Roy Bjorklund and Mathilda Trana of Henning.

Bequests a total of $226,000 in cash were made to relatives, lifelong friends, churches and the Marion Park association by the late President Harding under the terms of his will filed here for probate. Mrs. Florence King Harding, widow of the President was left a life estate of $100,000 in government bonds, one half interest in the building now occupied by the Marion Star, the Harding home on Mt. Vernon Avenue, with all personal property contained there, with the request that Mrs. Harding give each of the three sons of Dr. George Harding, Jr. brother of the President a finger ring and watch. The President made a stipulation that “no part of my estate shall be expended for a monument other than a simple marker at my grave.”

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Sept. 22, 1898

A very unfortunate affair occurred at Battle Lake last Sunday. A party of men were gathered on the lake shore for a good time and had secured a quantity of liquid refreshments, which had been imported into the village. A dispute arose such as is frequently the outgrowth in like gatherings and the result was that one Mr. Meine was so badly kicked in the groin that it is feared that he may not live.

A horrible deed was committed in the southern part of Elmo last Thursday morning. Enoch Carlson, an insane man escaped from the hospital at Fergus Falls last Sunday while he was out for exercise. It seems that for some reason he had a grudge against Mrs. Christian Nelson who was working at his home in the town of Elmo. He came directly to his house with the intention of killing her. He had stated at the hospital and had written home that he wanted to get away long enough to come home to kill Mrs. Nelson.

Thursday morning his long desired opportunity presented itself. While Mrs. Nelson was attending to duties over the kitchen stove he picked up a gallon jug and struck her a terrific blow over the head. Her skull was broken and she lived but one hour after the blow. The murderer was at once taken back to the hospital and hereafter he will be deprived of his liberty. He is about 40 years old and this is the second time he has been committed to the asylum.

Mrs. Nelson the victim was 50 years old and leaves a husband and ten children.