5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Sept.11, 2018

Former Otter Tail Central head football coach Don Seipkes shared a laugh with some of his former players during Friday’s dedication of the Henning Football Field. The field was officially named as Don Seipkes Field in honor of the former coach. Over 100 former players and coaches joined Seipkes on the field during the dedication ceremony.

Looking for an opportunity to get back into small town government, new City Clerk/Treasurer Kim Schroeder was all smiles as she finished her second week of work out the Henning City Office last week. Prior to coming to Henning, Schroeder spent approximately 16 1/2 years as the city clerk/treasurer in Parkers Prairie, and since 2016 has been in the HR department for Wadena County.

Henning School students and staff returned to the classroom last week. The opening day enrollment in grades K-12 was 366 students, which was down slightly from last year. The kindergarten class has 15 students, while this year’s senior class has 34 students. 

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Sept. 9, 1998

Thumper Pond developer Verle Blaha asked the Ottertail City Council last week whether the city would at least consider setting up a tax increment finance (TIF) district in part as an incentive to development in general and in part to lure the proposed Pier Lodge to relocate at the proposed golf course within the city of Ottertail. The answer: yes. Also in the meeting, the council reviewed a proposed contract under which it might one day buy water from the City of Henning, and a brief pitch for a possible combination tourist information and historical interpretive center was heard.

Area resorts and beaches were busy this past weekend as that last great bookend to summer, the Labor Day holiday, was celebrated. With the warm weather still upon us, all varieties of watercraft were on the lakes over the weekend, such as those pictured above near Pelican Bay on Otter Tail Lake, just south of the city of Ottertail. And it does not appear autumnal weather will be upon us anytime soon, as current prediction call for 80-degree weather for later this week.

Coming before the Henning City Council last Thursday, representatives of NSP, Perham Municipal Gas and financial advisors informed the council on the new figures and feasibility for natural gas in Henning without Battle Lake.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Sept. 9, 1948

Perhaps the people are tired of hearing political talks, at any rate so it seemed, as no more than a hundred adults were present at the Henning City Park to hear Stafford King, candidate for governor, and Hubert Humphrey, candidate for US Senator. Mayor Henry Holmgren of this place introduced both of the candidates. Mr. Humphrey, mayor of Minneapolis, got next to the people at once with his introductory remarks and then launched into the subject matter. He said he believed in government housing and that slum district should be eradicated for the welfare of all—that schools could be greatly aided and cited Minnesota as having the second to the worst rural school attendance in the US. Mayor Humphrey mentioned soil conservation, hot lunch programs and REA and many other beneficial programs which the Democrats put over after era of “do nothing” by the Republicans under Hoover.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Sept. 13, 1923

Licensed to Marry—Earnest Read of Vine and Mable Landmark of Nidaros. Bennie Olson of Deer Creek and Hazel Ferweda of Inman. Roy Bjorklund and Mathilda Trana of Henning.

Bequests a total of $226,000 in cash were made to relatives, lifelong friends, churches and the Marion Park association by the late President Harding under the terms of his will filed here for probate. Mrs. Florence King Harding, widow of the President was left a life estate of $100,000 in government bonds, one half interest in the building now occupied by the Marion Star, the Harding home on Mt. Vernon Avenue, with all personal property contained there, with the request that Mrs. Harding give each of the three sons of Dr. George Harding, Jr. brother of the President a finger ring and watch. The President made a stipulation that “no part of my estate shall be expended for a monument other than a simple marker at my grave.”

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Sept. 15, 1898

One touch of love, mends all a heart’s punctures.

When it comes to manual labor the average man is immune.

The man who looks upon the wine when it is red may feel blue later.

A woman changes her mind so often that it keeps her busy speaking it.

The man who attempts to flatter you is either a fool or he thinks you are one.

It is ordered by a police authority in New York that no woman with short skirts shall be permitted on the streets of the town unless accompanied by a wheel or at least a tag signifying that she owns one. What impudence is this! Any decent woman is a judge of those things better than forty police authorities, and decent women have rights that the police are bound to respect. And if a woman does ride a wheel can she be allowed to go around half naked?

The county commissioners met in special session last week to consider the petition by several tax payers of the townsite of Clitherall for the incorporation of that town in to a village. The petition was granted and an election will be held on Oct. 4.

The store of Max Krinsky will be closed on Saturday and Sunday next. Mr. Krinsky observes the teachings of the old testament and next Saturday will be New Years to him.

John Anderson was brought over from New York Mills last week having been committed to the county jail to await the action of the grand jury on a charge of bigamy. His bail has been fixed at $700. Anderson was married to Miss Lizzie Haarala in 1897 and it is now claimed that he has a wife and five children in the old country, a man by that name having deserted his wife and children at his former home in Finland some years ago.