New streaming service to replace NFHS

By Chad Koenen


A new streaming service will soon be available for Henning Hornet and Otter Tail Central Bulldog fans.

The Henning School District will be transitioning from the NFHS streaming service to HUDL. The school district has utilized NFHS for much of the past two seasons for home games at the Henning School elementary and high school gym. 

The HUDL streaming service will be utilized by almost all of the schools in the Park Region Conference this year and the hope is it will provide an improved viewing experience for streaming games. Last year several issues were reported with games not streaming as scheduled and overall clarity for some of the activities. 

The HUDL program is also utilized by a number of school districts for compiling stats and exchanging film for scouting other teams. Since many athletic programs use HUDL to compile stats, there is a possibility that even more activities can be streamed down the road, not just ones played in a gym or football field.  

Activities Director Randy Misegades said the streaming option will hopefully make sharing film with other teams as easy as a click of the button once the game is completed. 

“That’s what almost everyone is going to and we will be able to exchange film easier,” he said. 

Individuals will no longer need an NFHS subscription to view Henning Hornet home activities and can simply click on the link below to view each game. The hope is the new streaming program will be available for Henning’s first home volleyball game this week, but Misegades said the school district is still trying to work out some of the final details to get the HUDL program up and running. 

The link to view Henning home activity games is