OTC COLA, EOT SWCD to host bus tour

The Otter Tail County Coalition Of Lake Associations (OTC COLA) and East Otter Tail County Soil and Water Conservation District (EOT SWCD) are sponsoring a bus tour of lake properties demonstrating how lake property owners can be proactive in the preservation of their shorelines and water quality of their lakes.

Registered attendees will assemble September 16 at the EOT SWCD offices at 801 Jenny Ave SW, Perham, at 8:30 a.m.  Refreshments will be provided.  Bus departure 9 a.m.  Return is estimated to be noon.

Lakes are an essential part of our identity here in Minnesota. They are vital for the local economy, the environment, and our way of life. 

What happens on the land surrounding a lake can have a significant impact on the lake itself. Lakes in more populated areas or with more recreational activity are at greater risk of being polluted and choked by algae and invasive species. When runoff from rain or melting snow enters a lake it carries a lot of extra nutrients. The right amount of nutrients is essential for a healthy lake but too much can cause uncontrolled algae growth. 

Poor shoreline stewardship can be the principal cause of receding shoreline over time. If aquatic plants are starved for sunlight or removed, lakebed and shoreline can be eroded by wind and waves making the water murky. These plants normally provide food and habitat for wildlife and hold the lakebed in place with their roots. When they’re gone the shoreline becomes unstable and can erode leading to property loss.

Lakeshore owners have a great opportunity to be stewards of their lakes. What people do on the lakeshore properties can impact fish and wildlife shoreline stability and algae growth.

To register for the Shoreline Restoration Bus Tour go to otccola.com or call (701) 219-0465.

For more information contact John Kruse, otccola2@gmail.com