5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018

Woodturning artist Christian Haugen says it’s nice when people compliment his work, but it’s even better when someone offers criticism. Then he knows what he can do to make improvements. Haugen said he doesn’t worry too much anymore about marketing or selling his products; he just wants to keep learning new techniques and creating more challenging pieces.  And so it goes, when someone starts out with a hobby and becomes a master of their craft.  Haugen’s work recently won blue and red ribbon awards at The Sons of Norway District Convention craft competition.

This year the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners raised the wheelage tax on vehicle license tab renewals from $10 to $20. This tax is expected to raise close to $1.2 million for roadway and bridge maintenance in Otter Tail County.

During the regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 7 the city council began with a public hearing regarding the variance request made by the Jorgenson family. There was one adjacent property owner present in response to the letters that were mailed. The property owners however did not have a dispute, they were only there to fully understand what the notice entailed.  After closing the public hearing, the council approved several building permits including a fence for Jim and Wilma Morse, property improvement for an apartment complex purchased by Jaymey Dornbusch, a kennel extension for Jennifer Butcher and a sidewalk and cement slab for Scott Naddy.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Aug. 12, 1998

Paved roads come to industrial park—Late-season road paving this year has come to several Henning streets as well as a road or two in the Ottertail area. The crew from Central Specialties, Inc. of Alexandria, paved the roads within the Henning Industrial Park.

The annual Henning Chamber of Commerce Turkey Barbecue was served up Friday, Aug. 21, to a crowd estimated at 900 mouths strong. Event coordinator Curt Anderson reported that 57 of the 60 birds specially prepared for the feed were consumed, and overall receipts were up a bit over last year.

Though temperatures are still in the summery range, the fact that things will soon change for the colder are evidenced by leaves here and there that have already begun their autumnal turn. Signaling the seasons’ change loud and clear—especially for school-age children—will be the ringing of school bells, around the area next Wednesday, Sept. 2. And like the changes of seasons, students will find changes in policy and practice at the school this year ranging from lunchroom privileges to graduation requirements and from less-stringent substance abuse penalties to greater access to computers.

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, August 16, 1973

Guy Clement dusted off his golf bag, untouched for 30 years, and launched an assault on the new Oakwood Golf Course last Wednesday. 

A 1963 Oldsmobile belonging to Bill Bursch was stolen from behind Bursch Drug in Henning sometime on Wednesday. The sheriff’s office is investigating.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Aug. 12, 1948

Henning stores will be closed Friday afternoon in respect for the funeral of Pfc. Maurice Henderson who was killed in action in the Philippine Island campaign by a Japanese sniper. A military funeral will be held at the First Baptist church with Rev. Ricker officiating.

With all the siding completed on the Henning harvest festival exhibit building, volunteers are asked to come out the palace of the week and finish the painting of the new structure near the ball park. All the equipment needed will be paint brushes and a little energy.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Aug. 16, 1923

Fire wiped out the farm home of Jacob Stapel, two miles south east of here Friday. The family had spent the day in Henning taking in the creamery picnic and went home at about six. All changed their better wearing apparel for the work clothes. The daughter lit the kerosene stove and all left for the barn yard to do up the evening chores quickly. In a half an hour or so smoke was seen coming from the house. An alarm was turned in for the village fire department and although the boys made a fast run the roof of the house was ready to go in when they arrived. There was nothing to do but watch the house, topple to the ground.

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Aug. 18, 1898

A special dividend of $20 per share has been added by the Pullman palace a company to its regular quarterly dividend of $2. The gross amount is $7. 200,000 on a capitalization of $36,000,000. Besides this vast accretion the Pullman company confesses to having a surplus of $18,000,000 which it proposes to distribute in the form of new certifications of stock against an increased capitalization.

“Shall New York execute a woman?” asks the Chicago Times-Herald. There is a question that precedes that one, dear sir. Is this “Shall a woman commit murder?”

Since the new war tax was imposed men may feel uncomfortable over the stamps on the checks they fill out, but they must accept the irritating outgo until Uncle Sam has paid for his torpedoes. War is an expensive indulgence.

No man lives a useless life. He may serve as an example for others to avoid.

Learning does not necessarily imply wisdom.

It is always a severe strain on the angelic qualities of a woman when she has to use her wings to dust the furniture.