Otter Tail County has over 1,000 lakes, rivers within its borders

Photo by Robert Williams
Eli Walkup, 12, caught this walleye on Thursday morning, Aug. 3, while fishing in central Otter Tail County. In back of the boat is Eli’s grandfather, Richard Tomhave.

By Tom Hintgen

Otter Tail County Correspondent

Slight winds were welcome Thursday morning, Aug. 3, when our party of three had a great time fishing with guide Ross Hagemeister. The temperature was in the mid-80s in Otter Tail County. 

We caught fish that included walleye, bass and sunfish. And we had fun, kidding each other when we thought we had caught a fish which turned out to be weeds after reeling in the line.

Our Thursday morning outing in the great outdoors proved once again that fishing is always an enjoyable experience in Otter Tail County. That’s true no matter the number of fish that are caught.

The party of three, under the leadership of fishing guide Hagemeister, included Tom Hintgen, the writer of this article, my friend Richard Tomhave and Richard’s grandson, Eli Walkup, who turns 13 later in August.

Our party of three, without a doubt, wanted to catch walleye on Thursday morning. To that end, Hagemeister does what he always does as a guide. “I pride myself on my work ethic,” as stated over the years on his website. “I have a belief that everybody deserves my best effort.”

He worked hard for us Thursday morning and prepared to do his best for another group Thursday afternoon on Aug. 3.

“Catching fish is fun, but the best days on the water involve something more,” Hagemeister says. “It’s the time spent together, waves splashing, the soft lake air and west central Minnesota at its finest.”

Hagemeister enjoys the fishing community of Otter Tail County where he has guided more than 6,000 outings the past 25 years.