Bark with Lark to offer training, boarding, grooming services

Photo by Chad Koenen
Adam and Lark Wedde have opened a boarding, training and grooming business in Ottertail named Bark with Lark.

By Chad Koenen


Adam and Lark Wedde have always had a unique passion about dogs, especially rescue dogs that need a new place to call home. That’s why many of their dogs are black since those are often the first ones to be put under at a shelter since they are oftentimes the least popular colored dogs to find a new home. 

The Ottertail couple is hoping to put their passion about man’s best friend to good use with their new business venture—Bark with Lark. The new business is essentially a one-stop shop for everything from dog grooming to obedience training, boarding and even features a retail space for dog food and treats.

The business itself, which opened this spring, was born out of a need the couple found after adopting their German Shorthair/British Lab cross rescue dog.

“That’s what drove her into training dogs,” said Adam of their adopted dog. 

Lark eventually became a certified K-9 specialist and has found a knack for working with rescue dogs and aggressive dogs that other people may be ready to give up on. She focuses on a reward-base training that reinforces positive behavior, as opposed to disciplining dogs when they do something wrong. 

One thing that is a bit unique about Bark with Lark is that Lark will train the dog in the home of the animal and not at her facility. The goal is to train not only the animal, but the dog owners in their own environment. 

“Typically their problems are at home. If you bring it to me they may act differently,” said Adam.

In addition to working with dogs in their own environments, Lark said training a dog in their own home will allow her to help and train the owners by showing them how to reinforce the lessons she has given the dog when she leaves their home. In all, Lark estimated she trains the dog just 25 percent of the time, while training the dog owners 75 percent of the time. 

Each training session is also tailored to the dog once a consultation is completed with the dog and its owner.

“We specially tailer every class for every dog. There is no cookie cutter class,” said Adam. 

In addition to training, Bark with Lark offers a full grooming service and boarding. They have the capability of boarding nine separate dogs at a time, but that number can be increased for double occupancy if needed. Each dog gets plenty of play time while they are at Bark with Lark as the family has a large fenced in backyard at their home in Ottertail. 

Grooming prices vary based on the size of the dog, but can include everything from just a bath to a full groom that also includes a nail trim, ear cleaning and haircut. 

“We pride ourselves on having affordable prices,” said Adam.

Bark with Lark is located in Ottertail. For more information, visit the business online at, call (218) 639-0134 or email