Picnic tables are lighter than conventional wood tables

Contributed photo
Ten new picnic tables have been purchased by the Ottertail Business and Community Association for the Ottertail community.

Chad Koenen


In the warm months of summer there isn’t anything quite like kicking your feet up and eating in the great outdoors. While some people may be able to manage to eat on their feet, or at the very least while sitting on the curb, having a sturdy picnic table can go a long ways to prevent spilling on a new set of clothes.

With an increasing need for additional seating during community events, while also attempting to make moving the large picnic tables a bit easier to manage, the Ottertail Business and Community Association recently purchased 10 new picnic tables. The new picnic tables are much lighter than the conventional wood picnic tables of the past and can be moved around by just one or two people.

“The neat thing is they can be moved around. They are probably less than half the weight of the wood tables,” said OTBCA President Ron Grobeck. 

The 10 picnic tables were put together last week by members of the OTBCA and have already been put to good use with the MS Bike Ride rolling through town this week and OtterFest on the horizon. 

“They are just a lot lighter table and they are very mobile,” said Grobeck. “The idea is lighter weight, same capacity and just a nice addition to the city.”