Annual Ottertail Community Auction set for Saturday

Photo by Chad Koenen
Tim Erp will return as the auctioneer at the 15th annual Ottertail Community Auction on Saturday. The event will be held at the Ottertail Community Center with the proceeds benefitting the Ottertail community.

By Chad Koenen


Over the past 15 years the Ottertail Community Auction has become much more than an event to simply pass time on a warm July evening. It has become a place where a person can go fishing on the bottom of a beer bottle, race a bike and play Deal or No Deal in their own backyard. 

Of course the event is also a place where people can win a half day fishing trip, Minnesota Twins tickets, enough dog food to feed the neighborhood and even pick up a few pickled eggs. Proceeds from the money raised, which totaled over $12,000 last year alone, goes back into the Ottertail community. 

On Saturday, the Ottertail Community Center will host the 15th annual Ottertail Community Auction. The event will once again feature an elaborate list of local items up for the highest bidder, as well as a number of fun games that will be played throughout the night. The auction itself will begin at 5 p.m. and will last until the final item is finally sold. A social hour will get underway at 4 p.m. with the live auction beginning at 5 p.m. 

In the past, proceeds from the auction have helped to pay for much of the upgrades at the community park, as well as beautification projects in the Ottertail community. All of the money raised at the auction will directly benefit the Ottertail community. 

This year’s auction will once again feature a mixture of gift certificates from local businesses, as well as gift baskets for everything like eggs and baked goods to bread baskets. 

Some of the larger items this year include wood shelves, wooden towel rack and a wooden swing, a Mall of American package with a room donated by the Ottertail City Chamber of Commerce, tickets to the Minnesota Twins game on Sept. 13, a tree trimming package from Carr’s Tree Service, a half day fishing trip guided by Ross Hagemeister, an ultra light plane ride and a Harley Davidson gift. 

Each year the auction raises anywhere from $8,000-12,000, but that support wouldn’t be possible without the businesses providing items to be put up for auction, as well as the support of the people who show up to put their number in the air on the night of the auction.

In addition to the countless items up for auction, the night will include a few classic games that have been a staple at the community auction. Some of the games include the Deal or No Deal Game, the Lakemaid Beer Bottle Fishing Tournament and the bike race game.

As part of the beer bottle fishing tournament, individuals can purchase a bottle of beer and will one-by-one open the top to see who has the biggest fish under the top of the beer. The biggest fish that is uncovered will receive a prize. 

The annual community auction is sponsored by the Ottertail Community and Business Association.