Otter Tail County has 31 licensed child foster care homes, 15 applications are pending 

By Tom Hintgen

Otter Tail County Correspondent

County Human Services Director Deb Sjostrom addressed child foster care with county commissioners in early May. Providing details were Child Foster Care Licensing Social Worker Jody Dahlen, Family Child Care Licensing Social Worker Lisa Spangler and Human Services Supervisors Stephanie Olson and Krista Fix.

Addressing adult foster care were Regional Licensing Specialist Nichole Huebsch, Regional Licensing Supervisor Michelle Tautges and Sourcewell, an agency which oversees the licensing of adult foster care programs in Otter Tail County.

Child foster care

Otter Tail County currently has 31 licensed child foster care homes comprised of both relative and non-relative homes. There are currently 15 applications pending.

County Human Services partnered with county communications staff to develop recruitment videos to highlight child foster care.

There are currently 131 licensed child care providers across Otter Tail County with seven applications pending. Child care providers and applicants are actively utilizing the child care capacity grant offered through Otter Tail County.

A total of $21,362 was awarded to 12 child care providers in 2022. This grant runs through calendar year 2023.

County Human Services is partnering with community development and communications staff to develop recruitment and retention strategies for child care providers. They have created a Child Care Locator Application and promotional items with QR codes for quick access to information.

For more information contact county human services at (218) 998-8150.

Adult foster care

In Otter Tail County there is compliance with all federal and state regulations with advocates for the adults. The goal is to build relationships and communication between providers, counties and the Department of Human Services (DHS). 

Currently in Otter Tail County there are 83 active licensed adult foster care programs which includes 38 family foster care, one corporate foster care and 44 community residential care settings.

In the past year Otter Tail County had one new family adult foster care program open, with five family foster care and four community residential care setting closures.