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Some of the top invention winners include: Xavier Hoelscher, Windshield Scraper Wiper; Jaxon Pedersen, Automatic Cat Feeder; Blake Helmbrecht, Reverse Laundry Shoot; Annabelle Jacobs, Automatic Boot Cleaner; Jade Pearson, Safe Walkers 3000 and Emersyn Spires Idea Helmet 2000.

Students in Ryan Emter’s fourth grade class at Henning School recently completed a four-week unit on the human body, famous scientists, and how inventions/discoveries have changed our world. 

Each student had to study a famous scientist and write a biography about the scientist’s path to fame. Using the inspiration taken from the scientists, the students then had to come up with their very own invention that would make their lives better. Emter said there were a lot of great ideas and creative thinking being used in developing new innovative products. 

Here is the complete list of inventions: 

Aurora Cordova Ice Cube Generator 4000, JT Blackman-Sellers Terminator, Charlie Dehmer Wish Maker 2000, Kami Dittberner Thing-a-ma-jig, Fiona Eckel Paint Gun, Kaliyah Green Soda Squeezer, Conner Hagen Automatic Hotdog Cooker, Owen Honebrink Sunglass Wipers, Timothy Larsen Item Transformer, Nella Porter Dog Toy Launcher, Sheila Tierney Self Propelled Hair Brusher.